The editorial board seeks articles that demonstrate exemplary academic research and legal thinking on the implications of emerging trends in the energy and climate change fields. Newly emerging topics, technologies and legislation are of particular interest. The San Diego Journal of Climate & Energy Law (JCEL) welcomes manuscripts from legal practitioners, legislative personnel, jurists and academic professors. In addition to the JCEL's print circulation, articles will receive supplemental exposure on USD School of Law's website where electronic versions of the articles' abstracts will be posted and indexed. The editorial board is now receiving and reviewing articles for the 2020-21 issue.

Manuscripts are accepted year-round and are promptly reviewed within one week. If the manuscript is approved, the author will be contacted promptly with an offer. Please note: During November 21-December 11, 2020 and April 29-May 14, 2021, our editors will be in the midst of finals. Any articles or expedited requests received during these times will be reviewed after finals are completed.

Send submissions to:

Electronic submissions should be sent through ExpressO or Scholastica. Authors may also submit articles to usdlawjcel@gmail.com. Paper submissions should also include both a hard copy and a disk/stick containing a cover letter, curriculum vitae or resume, abstract and the article. These items can then be sent to:

San Diego Journal of Climate & Energy Law
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