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The San Diego Journal of Climate & Energy Law serves as a foundation for continued dialogue and development of the rapidly emerging legal issues related to climate change and energy. The journal delves into topics such as insurance claims related to climate change, law and economics associated with cap-and-trade greenhouse gas markets, new energy policy of the carbon-constrained world, legal implications of trans-border air and water pollution, and effects of climate change on endangered species law.

The first issue of the San Diego Journal of Climate & Energy Law was published December 2009. Beginning in 2015, San Diego Journal of Climate & Energy Law began transitioning from being a paper journal to an online journal.  You can now have access to our articles through USD's repository.  If you are still interested in receiving a paper version of the issue, please contact Joe Christensen, Inc., EBSCO, or the William S. Hein Co.

The San Diego Journal of Climate & Energy Law is also announcing the Ninth Annual Climate & Energy Law Symposium to be held on Friday, November 3, 2017, 8 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. in the Mother Rosalie Hill Hall Warren Auditorium. For more information, please contact Lauren Perkins at  Advanced tickets may also be purchased through this link: Ninth Annual Climate & Energy Law Symposium Tickets.

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Articles in Volume 8
Discretion Bites: The Current State of Animal Emergency Planning
Paige Chretien
DO Mess With Texas. . .? Why Rolling Easements May Provide a Solution to the Loss of Public Breaches Due to Climate Change-Induced Landward Coastal Migration
Carolyn Gino
From Top-Down to Bottom-Up Climate Policy: New Challenges in Carbon Market Design
Jonas Monast
Moving the Legal Needle of Western Climate and Energy Options
Steven Ferrey
Planning for the Sun to Come Up: How Nevada and California Explain the Future of Net Metering
Mark James, Ashleigh H. Krick, & Kelsey R. Bain
Quick Fixes or Real Remedies? The Benefits and Limitations of Climate and Energy Fast Policy
Melissa Powers, Edward Jewell, & Joni Sliger


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