The San Diego International Law Journal accepts submissions for publication year-round from academia and practitioners including professors, lawyers, judges, politicians and LLM students.

The San Diego International Law Journal seeks submissions that pertain to the ever-changing sphere of international and comparative law. In particular, as a journal that is published in San Diego, the SDILJ encourages submissions pertaining to the environment, US-Mexico relations, immigration, investment, trade and the law of the sea.

All submissions must include the article, a cover letter, cv information or resume, and abstract in both hard copy and on an electronic disc/stick. Submissions that fail to include these items will take longer to process. In addition, manuscript citations should appear in footnotes, not endnotes and should conform to the 20th edition of The Bluebook. Citation and text style should follow the 12th edition of the Texas Law Review Manual on Usage and Style. Once received, selected SDILJ board members will review each submission within one week. If the board approves the submission, the author will promptly be contacted and invited to publish in the San Diego International Law Journal.

Please note: From December 1-15, 2023 and April 25-May 10, 2024, our editors will be in the midst of finals. Any articles or expedited requests received will be reviewed after this time period.

Please send submissions to:

Electronic submissions should be sent through Scholastica. If not available through your location, please submit articles to Paper submissions should include both a hard copy and a disk/stick containing a cover letter, curriculum vitae or resume, abstract and the article. These items can then be sent to:

San Diego International Law Journal
c/o Lead Articles Editor
University of San Diego School of Law
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