​Prospective Membership

What is the San Diego International Law Journal?

The San Diego International Law Journal is a student-run periodical that publishes articles on international and comparative law. The journal is published bi-annually, in October/November and April/May. The journal solicits academic and practical submissions from professors, practitioners, judges, politicians and LLM students.

Membership on SDILJ is both an academic honor and an excellent learning experience. Members enhance their legal research and writing skills by writing an independent comment and assisting with the publication of each issue. Membership on SDILJ is open to rising second year full-time law students and second & third year part-time law students.  All members are required to give a two-year commitment.

What does membership on SDILJ entail?

First-year members, or provisional members, independently research and write a 40-page comment on an interesting and timely area of international or comparative law. All student comments are reviewed by the SDILJ Board, and articles of exceptional quality and interest are selected for publication in the SDILJ.

Members also provide assistance to the editorial board through research and citechecking. Members carefully review the accuracy of the cited research in every article selected for publication. Reviewing articles is critical to ensuring the quality of the publication.

First-year members who submit an acceptable comment and complete all citechecking assignments receive two units of academic credit during their second or third year of law school. Second-year members are encouraged to continue to participate with the SDILJ by being part of the SDILJ Editorial Board or by writing a casenote for which they receive one unit of academic credit.

Who runs the SDILJ?

The SDILJ is a student-run publication coordinated by the SDILJ Editorial Board. The Editorial Board consists of an editor-in-chief, a chief executive editor, a managing editor, a senior associate editor, three lead article editors, three executive editors, a chief student comments editor and four student comment editors. Each member of the Board has specific editorial tasks, and the Board works together to publish each issue of the SDILJ and to assist first-year members with their comments and assignments.

The Editorial Board is selected by the outgoing Editorial Board from within SDILJ membership ranks. Membership on the SDILJ Editorial Board is an honor and a significant time commitment.

Publication of the SDILJ is made possible through support provided by the Assistant Director of Law Journals, Brigid Bennett, as well as the SDILJ faculty advisor, Professor Michael Ramsey.

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