International Regulatory Entrepreneurship: Uber's Battle with Regulators in France


J. Domenic Martini


Faculty editor: Michael Ramsey
Publication: International Law Journal
Volume: 19
Issue: 1
Start Page: 127
Month: November
Year: 2017
Type: Comment
Instititional Repository (IR) location of full article:


Uber is a regulatory entrepreneur: a company that seeks to change the law in its favor. In the United States, Uber’s regulatory entrepreneurship changed the American taxi industry and the laws that regulate it. But the company’s venture into France presented unique challenges. This Comment examines Uber’s regulatory entrepreneurship in France and analyzes the factors that hindered Uber’s quest to revolutionize the French taxi industry. It discusses the tension between Uber and the French government and the policies behind both sides’ goals. It also seeks a compromise between Uber and the French regulators: one that acknowledges the issues with both Uber’s aggressive business model and France’s heavy government regulations.