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The San Diego International Law Journal (SDILJ) is an academic journal dedicated to the publication of articles that widen the realm of international and comparative legal scholarship. The SDILJ is committed to publishing articles, essays and book reviews written by academics and legal practitioners from all over the world. The SDILJ is especially devoted to attracting articles written by academics and practitioners who are involved in international and multi-national organizations. In addition, the SDILJ shall act as a forum for academic discourse regarding the pertinent and pressing issues of international and comparative law. 

The SDILJ was founded as a forum for such academic discourse in order to promote the study of international and comparative law in both the United States of America and throughout the world. 

As a journal that is published in San Diego, an American city that is intimately connected with the growth of international trade and the emergence of a global economy, the SDILJ shall promote studies of the emerging international legal regime. Because, San Diego borders Mexico, along one of the most frequently traveled and traded borders in the world, international law has special poignancy in San Diego. In numerous ways, the international challenges of immigration, investment, trade, criminal, labor and environmental issues in the San Diego-Tijuana region exemplify similar challenges found throughout the world. 

The SDILJ shall also provide a rich educational experience for its Editorial Board and its members. Thus, SDILJencourages students' participation in international legal scholarship by publishing essays, comments and notes written by members and deserving law students from other law schools. The SDILJ shall promote and publish innovative and timely student pieces that expand the understanding of international and comparative law. 

The SDILJ shall always remain an academic publication devoted to the highest values of academic discourse, the free discussion of ideas, the importance of critical perspectives and the inclusion of perspectives from different nations, communities, cultures and legal systems. 

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Articles in Volume 18
Bitter Biopharmaceuticals: Biologic Counterfeiting and Supply Chain Concerns
Jennifer Abma
Cuba Libre: A Verb? A Noun? Or A Cocktail?
Brian Eiselman
Equitable Apportionment of Shared Transboundary River Waters: A Case Study of Modification of the Indus Waters Treaty
Dr. Waseem Ahmad Qureshi
Extraterrestrial Property Rights: Utilizing the Resources of the Final Frontier
John Myers
Gone But Not Forgotten: Recognizing the Right to Be Forgotten in the U.S. to Lessen the Impacts of Data Breaches
Ashley Stenning
Supersession of the Senior-Most Judges in Bangladesh in Appointing the Chief Justice and the Other Judges of the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court: A Convenient Means to a Politicized Bench
M. Ehteshamul Bari
The Dublin Regulation and Systemic Flaws
Jason Mitchell
The European Union's Competence on Foreign Investment: "New and Improved"?
Dominik Moskvan
The Evolution of China's Legislation on Reproduction
Du Yifang
The First Competitive Video Gaming Anti-Doping and Its Deficiencies Under European Union Law
Colby Stivers


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