Academic Journals

San Diego Law Review

The San Diego Law Review is the School of Law's premier journal of legal scholarship, containing articles and comments addressing major issues and topics in law written by professors, judges, legal practitioners and students.

San Diego International Law Journal

Since 1999, the San Diego International Law Journal has published articles, comments, book reviews and casenotes concerning important international law topics authored by professors, noted practitioners and students.

Journal of Contemporary Legal Issues

The Journal of Contemporary Legal Issues is published annually by the law school and is dedicated to the examination of important contemporary legal, political and social problems. Each issue is preceded by a live symposium addressing a specific topic of cross-disciplinary interest. Papers presented at the symposium are then finalized and published.

San Diego Journal of Climate & Energy Law

The Journal of Climate & Energy Law serves as a foundation for continued dialogue and development of the rapidly emerging legal issues related to climate change and energy. The journal delves into topics such as insurance claims related to climate change, law and economics associated with cap-and-trade greenhouse gas markets, new energy policy of the carbon-constrained world, legal implications of trans-border air and water pollution, and effects of climate change on endangered species law.