Business and Corporate Law

Why Business and Corporate Law?

Business and corporate lawyers practice in a fast-paced and dynamic global marketplace. Success rests on the ability to combine innovation and adaptation with a foundational understanding of the complexities of corporate structure, business finance and the regulatory environment.

USD School of Law's faculty includes leading experts in business and corporate law and our curriculum offers cutting-edge courses for students who want to specialize in this area.

JD with Business and Corporate Law Concentration

  • Total required credits: 18
    • To attain this concentration, students must successfully complete all core courses and a sufficient number of credits from the approved electives to reach a minimum of 18 total credits.
  • Minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA): 2.2
    • The minimum cumulative GPA required to obtain the concentration will be based on an average of grades received in courses eligible for concentration credit.
  • Recognition: Certificate and transcript notation
  • Application Process: JD concentration applications must be submitted no later than the applicable deadline stated below. Concentration applications are evaluated after all grades for the graduation term are finalized and JD degrees are officially conferred. Applicants will be notified of the status of their concentration application via email once evaluations are complete.

    application deadlines
    Graduation Month Concentration Application Deadline
    May April 1 of graduation year
    August July 1 of graduation year
    December November 1 of graduation year

Concentration Application

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