Information for Auditors

Individuals may request permission to audit a course at the School of Law. An auditor is eligible to enroll in a specific class if there is sufficient room in the course, but will not receive law school credit for their attendance in the course. The final transcript for the auditor will show that the course was audited and was not taken for credit. 

Auditors are not required to complete class assignments and do not sit for midterms or final exams. No grades will be issued or credit received for courses that are audited. Auditors are limited to accessing those services, activities and resources associated with auditing a course.

Before completing the Audit Process, a prospective auditor must first contact the Office of Graduate and International Programs with a written request for preliminary approval along with a current resume or curriculum vitae. Once preliminary approval has been granted, auditors may then proceed with the Audit Process as listed below.

Attorney Auditors

If you are an attorney or graduate of an ABA-accredited law school and are interested in auditing a course at the School of Law, please review the following information.

Audit Process

  • Complete and sign the appropriate audit form
  • Obtain the professor's signature on the audit form
  • Submit the audit form for review and approval to the Office of Graduate and International Programs in Warren Hall, Room 207
  • If approved, the auditor will be enrolled in the desired course on an audit basis
  • Auditors are limited to enrolling in one course per semester on an audit basis

Timeline and Deadlines

  • The deadline to enroll in a course as an auditor is the 10th day of the fall or spring semester, and the 5th day of the summer session
  • Auditors may audit a course only if there is sufficient room in the course, so an auditor may not know if auditing a specific course is possible until all credit-seeking students have had the opportunity to register for the course

Course Schedules and Descriptions

  • Auditors are not eligible to enroll in certain courses, including but not limited to:
    • First-year courses (such as Contracts, Criminal Law, Torts, etc.)
    • Legal practice courses (such as Advanced Legal Writing)
    • Clinical courses, externships and internships
    • Experiential courses
    • Writing courses
  • Please view the Course Descriptions available on our website

Tuition and Fees

  • The cost to audit a course is $160.00 per credit
  • There is no financial assistance available for auditors
  • Tuition can be paid through the MySanDiego portal, or in person at the One Stop Center in the University Center, Room 126
  • Auditors must comply with all posted payment deadlines

Email Account, Parking Pass, ID Card, Etc.

  • Once an auditor has received approval to audit a course, they may create a MySanDiego account
  • Through the MySanDiego portal, an auditor can pay tuition, purchase a parking pass and much more
  • ID cards may be obtained at Campus Card Services
  • An auditor is eligible to obtain student LexisNexis and Westlaw accounts at the Legal Research Center for use during their period of enrollment as an auditor

Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) Credit

  • In some cases, an attorney attending a law school course as an auditor may be eligible to obtain MCLE credit
  • Information about eligibility for and calculation of MCLE credit for California attorneys must be obtained from the State Bar of California

Other Auditors

If you are not a graduate of an ABA-accredited law school, but wish to audit a course at the School of Law, you may be eligible to do so.

Contact Information

If you have additional questions about auditing a course at the School of Law, please contact Graduate and International Programs.