Volunteer in our Oral Advocacy Program

All first-year students are required to participate in the University of San Diego School of Law First-Year Oral Arguments. This event culminates their first year of law school. The students argue one side of an appellate case and are judged by members of the greater legal community. Our students depend on respected and talented members of the legal community to ensure a quality experience.

What does being an Oral Argument judge entail?

Oral Arguments take place during the spring semester, generally during April. Each judge attends a short pre-meeting (which includes a meal) and hears a series of student oral arguments as a part of a three-member panel of judges. Each session requires a commitment of approximately two and a half hours.

As a judge, you will have time to provide constructive feedback to the students; however, you will not assign scores or choose a winner. One week prior to the arguments, judges will receive a bench memo, and sample questions, that will give them an idea of the arguments they will hear. Each year, the students argue a variety of cases on topics ranging from Fourth Amendment violations to copyright infringement to defamation.

What should you do if you are interested in judging Oral Arguments?

Access the registration form online

If you have questions about judging Oral Arguments, please email lwr@sandiego.edu.