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Spring 2020 Class Descriptions

Ocean and Coastal Law (LWEV565)

Instructor(s): Angela Howe

2 credit(s), Letter Graded
Concentration(s): Environmental and Energy Law (JD), Environmental and Energy Law (LLMC), Environmental and Energy Law (LLMG), Environmental and Energy Law (MSLS)

This course will instruct students on environmental legal issues affecting the nation’s coasts, including but not limited to sea level rise, water quality, coastal management, beach access, and oil spill issues. The U.S. coastline supports a diverse ecosystem, provides for commerce and waterborne trade, offers valuable recreational resources, and is a source of food and energy. With the increasingly competing ocean uses, this course on coastal and ocean law will offer a critical look at emerging policy issues and legal frameworks, coupled with interesting and timely case studies. The course offers an in depth look into several environmental laws, including the Clean Water Act, Oil Spill Pollution Act, Coastal Zone Management Act and others, as well as practical skills established through case studies and stakeholder exercises.