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Spring 2018 Class Descriptions

Health Law & Bioethics (LWGC534)

Instructor(s): Dov Fox

3 credit(s), Letter Graded
Requirement(s): Writing
Concentration(s): Health Law (JD)

Recent developments in biotechnology and the life sciences invite us to rethink key features of the legal landscape. In addition to traditional health law subjects such as informed consent, physician liability, and access to care, we will examine emerging controversies that cut across torts, contracts, property, intellectual property, criminal procedure, and administrative law. Topics will include brain imaging, DNA forensics, gene patenting, genetic screening, stem cell research, biomedical enhancement, and the appropriation of human cells.  Students will be required to draft and revise a substantial final paper on an approved topic and write weekly reaction papers based on the reading. No background in science or medicine is necessary.

Note: This course may be applied as part of the nine required credits for the Health Law Concentration (JD).
Additional Information: Health Law Concentration

Health Law & Policy (LWGC523)

Instructor(s): Richard Barton

3 credit(s), Letter Graded
Concentration(s): Health Law (JD)

Health Law and Policy is a new 3-unit course designed to introduce students to basic principles of health care law. The class will discuss legal principles surrounding the professional-patient relationship; informed consent; liability of health care professional; liability of health care institutions; quality control regulation of physicians and health care institutions; access to health care; the privacy rights of patients and the ability of government to regulate patient health care choices. The goals of the course are for students to understand the role of the legal system in health policy and health care delivery; the application of basic tort, contract and corporate law principles in the health care environment; and to gain a practical understanding of the interaction between the health system and the legal system. The course will be taught in a lecture-seminar approach. Outside speakers from major health institutions will participate. Course materials will be based on the text Health Law - Cases, Materials and Problems, Seventh Edition, Barry R. Furrow. 

Note: This is a required course for the Health Law Concentration (JD).
Additional Information: Health Law Concentration

Honors Moot Court Competition (LWWI559)

Instructor(s): Michael Devitt

1 credit(s), H/P/L/F Graded
Requirement(s): Experiential

This course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to refine their written and oral advocacy skills by providing instruction in both the appellate process and the proper techniques involved in brief writing and oral argument. This course will focus upon an appellate case and will include discussions with leading scholars in the law, judges, and/or practicing attorneys. The Paul A. McLennon, Sr. Honors Moot Court Competition will consist of several rounds of competition, culminating in the Final Round competition held before a distinguished panel of judges. Participants in this competition will meet their course obligations by completing a satisfactory moot court brief of required length and form, conducting oral arguments on the selected problem, and attending four mandatory classes.