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Fall 2018 Class Descriptions

Remedies (LWLP570)

Instructor(s): William Lawrence

4 credit(s), Letter Graded
Concentration(s): Public Interest Law (JD), Civil Litigation (JD), Children's Rights (JD)

The Remedies course examines legal and equitable remedies under statutes and the common law: what can parties to litigation obtain from the courts? Courts have the power to grant temporary and permanent injunctions, damages calculated in various ways, and restitution. What can and should a party seek from a court in a particular case? What will a court grant, and on what doctrinal and factual basis? This course will particularly look at the public law aspect of remedies: remedies for constitutional violations, "structural" or institutional injunctions, constitutional limits on tort and other remedies, and the nature and limits of equitable remedies. There will be less emphasis on private law damages issues in contract and tort, such as calculating present value of future expectations, and liquidated damages, than in the 4-credit Remedies course offered in Spring.

Note: This is a required course for the Civil Litigation Concentration (JD).