Corporate Counsel Internship Program

Corporate Counsel Internship Program (Beth Baier, Esq.)

1-3 credits

The Corporate Counsel Internship Program (ESIP) consists of a work component and a class component and allows students to earn academic credit working in the legal department of a corporation, company or other business entity. Students may also work in other departments of a corporation as long as they are supervised by an on-site licensed attorney. 

Students work a minimum of 60 hours per unit of credit and may receive 1-3 credits. Academic requirements include: mandatory orientation, journals between student and professor, relating to the field placement; a three-five page reflective paper at the end of the semester; an example of work product for professor review; and, satisfactory completion of work experience.  If you have been accepted into a field p placement, meet the eligibility requirements, agree to meet the course obligations and want to apply for the internship course, fill out the Corporate Counsel application.

For questions about finding a field placement or eligibility, contact the Office of Career and Professional Development at 619-260-4529 or email  For academic related questions, contact Professor Margaret Dalton, Faculty Director, Clinical and Placement Education at 619-260-7664 or

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