Professional Development

The University of San Diego’s training and development department believes that each employee makes an important contribution to the university community with talents and expertise that are unique and valuable to the institution.

We are committed to the whole person approach to employee development and we work to cultivate meaningful learning opportunities, which support a wide variety of employee development needs. 

Our goal is to support employee development through all stages of your career here at USD.  This includes a well-rounded on-boarding program, interpersonal skills and communication training, technical skill development, and leadership development.  We work to develop the skills and competency levels of our employees in their current positions while also preparing them for future promotional opportunities here at USD.  We believe that professional development opportunities and training not only help employees increase their personal effectiveness by building and refining job skills, knowledge and abilities, but they also greatly enhance the overall level of service provided by the university.

We offer a wide range of professional development opportunities including monthly training sessions, customized training workshops for departments and teams, and one-on-one meetings with our training and development team members to support our employees’ unique professional development goals. 

Sample of program offerings:

  • New Employee Orientation Programs
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) ®
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People ® Signature Program
  • Leadership Academy Offerings: Supervisor Essentials and
  • Foundations of Leadership
  • Performance Management: Effective Techniques to Support
  • Strong Performance
  • Learning to Listen
  • DISCovering Self and Others
  • Generations in the Workplace
  • Performance Portfolio
  • Career Mapping
  • Leader-Manager Profile
  • Strategic Planning

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