Operation Procedures

Cancellation of Activities and Relocation of Events

The Jenny Craig Pavilion Director has the authority, with consultation with the University Administration, to cancel or relocate athletic practices, club or recreational activities, in order to maximize the use of the Pavilion facilities for rental. When possible, teams or departments affected by the scheduling change should be notified at least two weeks in advance. Such notifications will be made in writing.


The Jenny Craig Pavilion is rented with the approval of the Director. An updated rental rate structure for the facilities shall be kept on file in the administrative office. The Director of the Jenny Craig Pavilion may deviate from the approved rental structure when it is necessary to attract and obtain certain programs and rentals.

Self-Promotions and Co-Promotions

The Director of the Jenny Craig Pavilion, on behalf of the University, is authorized to purchase specific entertainment activities or to self-promote activities which will be of interest to the University and the community as large. In addition, the Director may co-promote, or engage in a partnership arrangement, with another University organization or non-University entity, such as a promoter/talent agency or artist, in order to bring entertainment and other activities to the Jenny Craig Pavilion.

Ticket Office

The Jenny Craig Pavilion Ticket Manager is responsible for all tickets sales for the Pavilion. The Ticket Manager is responsible for imputing the different events on Ticket Maker system, handling any special ticket order needed and maintaining a manifest of all tickets that are sold or used as complimentary.

Tickets for most of the Jenny Craig Pavilion revenue-producing events are sold through the Box Office. For some events, there will be a service charge applied to each ticket. This service charge is used to help underwrite an event and to help underwrite the cost of the Box Office. Contact the box office with questions at (619) 260-7550.

The in-house ticket sellers are coordinated by the Ticket Manager.Tickets for most events will be sold at the Jenny Craig Pavilion Ticket Booth. The Ticket booth will open two hours prior to most events. The times will vary from event to event.

Most events feature reserved and general admission seating. Any exception requires the approval of the Director of the Jenny Craig Pavilion.

For paid events, it is required that each patron have a ticket, with the exception of children under the age of three years. For most events, children under three years of age are not required to have a ticket provided the child will be sitting on a parent's lap and not taking up an additional seat. The Pavilion's Director must approve any deviation from standard Ticket Office procedures.

Smoking Policy

In compliance with university rules and guideline, smoking is prohibited in the Jenny Craig Pavilion.


The Jenny Craig Pavilion does not allow re-entry during paid events. Anyone leaving the Pavilion during a paid event will not be allowed to re-enter the building. The Pavilion's Director or his/her designee must approve any exception. Signs will be posted at each entrance informing guests of this policy.


Parking for all Pavilion events is located in the Mission Parking Structure located to the south of the Pavilion. Parking is not permitted in the Pavilion Loading Dock Area, on the north side of the Pavilion. The Jenny Craig Pavilion west parking may be restricted during University working hours (or the entire parking lot after hours) for special event permits.

Posting of Materials & Banners

Bulletin Boards have been placed in certain areas of the Jenny Craig Pavilion for the purpose of notifying users of recreational schedules, changes in normal recreation schedules, upcoming events and other information regarding the hours of operation. Materials from organizations other than the Jenny Craig Pavilion shall not be posted on these boards without the approval of the Pavilion Director. Information is not to be posted on walls or any area of the Jenny Craig Pavilion other than established bulletin boards.

Posting of signs advertising or promoting the use of alcoholic beverages or tobacco products within the Pavilion is strictly prohibited. University policy on commercialization and solicitation are strictly adhered to.