Event Building Policies

Seating for Individuals with Special Needs

The Jenny Craig Pavilion is ADA compliant and proud to provide accessibility to Southern California's diverse population.

Guests requiring special seating, such as for wheelchairs, semi-ambulatory or other mobility impairments, hearing impaired, or the like, should contact the Jenny Craig Pavilion at 619-260-7550 to arrange for the purchase of tickets. Wheelchair and semi-ambulatory seating will be reserved for guests with disabilities (and their companions) until 48 hours prior to an event.


Bringing illegal drugs into the Jenny Craig Pavilion at any time is prohibited. Alcoholic beverages in Jenny Craig Pavilion are prohibited except when served at an event for which the host has a university approved permit. Intoxicated patrons are not to be admitted into the arena at any time. Intoxicated patrons are subject to ejection from the event.

Outside Food/Drink

Bringing food or drink into the Jenny Craig Pavilion is prohibited during events.

Cameras/Videotaping/Audio Taping

The permitted use of video cameras, audio equipment, and cameras varies by event. Recording devices and cameras are prohibited during most events; however there are some exceptions. Exceptions to this rule will be noted during the event briefing. Cameras with professional lenses and attachments are prohibited in the Jenny Craig Pavilion unless the person is wearing the proper credentials.


No persons are permitted to bring weapons of any kind into the arena or on campus with the exception of local, state, and federal law enforcement officials. Concealed weapons permits are not valid in public assembly areas. Anyone with a gun should be brought to the attention of campus police. Bearers of other weapons should be instructed to return to his or her vehicle or make other arrangements. Anyone carrying a weapon other than a gun may also have the option of dropping said weapon into a designated container.

Confiscated Goods

Confiscated goods, or discarded non-garbage items, must be given to the management of the Jenny Craig Pavilion. Under no circumstances may confiscated goods be kept by the staff.

Disorderly Conduct

Patrons who fail to abide by Arenas policies; state and federal law are subject to rejection from the facility. Patrons who are violating Arena policy will be asked to correct their behavior and if they fail to do so in a timely fashion, ejection will occur. Individuals who have been ejected will be asked to vacate Arena property or be subject to arrest on trespassing charges. Patrons who endanger the safety of others will be subject to ejection.

Ejection of Guests

A determination for ejection must be made by Elite Show Services, USD Public Safety, or JCP Director or Assistant Director. Elite Show Services and/or USD Public Safety will eject any unruly or policy violating guests. If campus police are not present, Elite Show Services will be asked to hold a guest until USD Public Safety arrives.

If the behavior of a guest warrants a consideration of ejection, Elite Show Services will escort the guest to a location away from the arena to a low traffic area.

Floor Rush/Stage Rush

Rushing the stage or rushing the arena floor is strongly discouraged for safety reasons. Our primary concern is for the safety of all; consequently, performers are warned against inviting floor rushes and will be fined if they invite a floor rush. In the event of an unpreventable floor rush, staff should attempt to encourage the participants to slow down to prevent injury.