Library Training

Learn how to use a wireless device for inventorying materials, batch updating items, counting internal use of materials, and checking in or out materials.
Learn how to close your financial books (funds) at the end of the current fiscal year and opening a new set of books for the coming fiscal year. This includes creating and deleting funds, and creating fund hierarchy for reporting.

Learn how to search for, evaluate, and replace or withdraw items that are no longer found in the libraries collection.
Learn basic circulation transactions (i.e. checkouts, check-ins and renewals) using the Offline Circulation software when the Sierra system is unavailable. Use Offline Circulation when there are scheduled system outages, as well as unplanned outages due to equipment failure.
Our library vendor, Innovative Interfaces, Inc. (III) also offers a range of fee-based training on a variety of topics, including customized onsite training, online tutorials, online courses, and workshops. View a complete list. Log in using the III login/password. (If you do not know this login, please email Before registering for any III training please contact to discuss payment options.
Learn how to gather all student fines and fees and automatically create a file that can be sent to Student Accounts.

Learn circulation functions in the Sierra system including checking in and out materials, placing renewals and holds, troubleshooting fines, and maintaining system tables.
Learn how to run Sierra Statistics, including record and field counts, and call number statistics. Build reports covering specified periods or cross-tab data.

Learn how to use the WAM proxy system to authenticate patrons, gather statistics, connect to electronic resources, and restrict access to these resources.
Learn how to run statistical web reports covering circulation and Circuit activity, patron web usage, and cross-tab reporting.