Mac@USD Self Service

Mac@USD is a self service portal for management of university owned devices. Mac@USD runs on Jamf Pro which is a comprehensive management system for all apple devices.


Mac@USD makes your software installation admin-credential free, secure and easy. Mac@USD comes preloaded on all USD Managed Mac computers. It is normally located on your dock next to the finder app. In short, you can do many things with Mac@USD and here is a video to highlight what our self-service app can do for you. Click the button below.

Introduction to Mac@USD

Key benefits of Mac@USD

Reliability: Your Mac will quickly receive software updates and patches with little to no interaction on your part. 

Time Efficiency: You will stay more productive as deployment and updating processes run in the background, freeing up more time for teaching and research. 

Security & Compliance: Technical Support Services will manage the security of your device so you don't have to, ensuring that software patches, antivirus protection, firewalls, and compliance with Stanford University minimum security standards are well maintained. 

Confidentiality: Your data and files will remain confidential; no personal data is scanned, indexed, or transmitted off your device. 

Notifications: Mac@USD keeps you notified of any new updates available for installation while keeping you informed of changes to the Mac@USD platform.

How to install apps by using Mac@USD

Mac@USD allows you to install on your own. You can install apps by clicking on the install button. Each application has a description of the application. Some of the apps also have a basic requirements notice and others have a disclosure.

While apps on Mac@USD have been tested for usability there may be limitations as to minimum operating system requirements necessary to run. Please take a moment to read the descriptions before you perform the installation of the app.

Mac@USD Menu

Upgrade your Mac with Mac@USD

With Mac@USD upgrading your operating system on your own is now possible. Normally USD Managed devices are upgraded on a yearly basis or upon request whichever comes first through attrition. Traditionally it also requires an appointment to ensure your computer will not crash while the upgrade is performed. 

We still recommend setting up an appointment prior to performing an upgrade if you are not sure if its a benefit. OS upgrades introduce change and that adds to the complexity. Contact the helpdesk and they will be happy to put you in touch with a technician to verify the upgrade will go as smooth as possible.

You can also refer to our MacOSX page listing pre-requisites before performing upgrades on your own. Our friendly technical team can also assist you with this process by making an appointment.

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