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Frequently Asked Questions


Is there wireless on campus?

Yes. Connecting with our wireless network is done with just a few steps. First, you need to make sure your laptop is equipped with a wireless network card. Next, visit our wireless website for instructions on setting up your laptop to connect with USD's wireless network.

Where can I print on special paper?

Our lab LaserJet printers only take standard printing paper at this time. To print on resume or any other special sized or colored paper, you can visit USD's Copy and Graphics Department located behind Maher Hall, just east of the Immaculata.

Do the labs have copy or fax machines?

The computer labs do not have copy or fax machines however, SH 205 has a scanner which can be used for printing/emailing documents. Copley Library has 3 copy machines—one color and 2 black and white. The color copier also scans and faxes. To scan, you will need a USB flash drive. There is no charge for scanning and faxing. Copy and Fax machines are also available in the Copy and Graphics Department.

Can I pay with cash or a Gift Card in the computer lab?

No. All printing is done through our Phaors Printing system using your Torero ID Card. You can add campus cash to your torero card and use it for printing or purcahses across campus where campuscash is accepted.

How can I add campus cash to my torero card for printing/purchasing on campus?

If you have never activated your campus cash account, all you need to do is make a deposit in any amount you choose on the campus cash website. Login with your mysandiego credentials and select Make a Deposit. Enter in your credit card information and even save it for future use. Within minutes you can use your ID everywhere CampusCash is accepted. Purchases are deducted from your account, and your remaining balance is instantly displayed. CampusCash is the safest, fastest, and easiest way to obtain the things you need.

Can I print from my laptop or mobile device?

Yes! We now feature mobile printing on campus. You can access mobile printing in PLRC 108, 121, 122, 202, 207 WH 113, OH 122 and SH 205. To use mobile print you will first need to be registered. To register, walk up to any of the touch screens connected with one of the printers in the rooms listed above and swipe your torero card. You will be asked to enter in your mysandiego credentials. Once you successfully register your user name and password on the screen, you will see a blank print screen appear showing your balance on your torero card.

To use mobile printing, visit and sign in. You will be able to upload your documents and customize your job before selecting a printer from the drop down menu and printing. If you have any questions or issues using mobile print, a Lab Asssistant in Serra 205 is available to assist.

Where can I work on a group project?

Our SH 205 computer lab has a collaboration corner specifically for collaorating. It is equipped with a MediaScape table with 4 laptop connectors and a large TV screen for doing group work. Mac users will need a VGA adapter in order to connect to the screen. SH 205 also has VGA adapters and laptops for student checkout for four hours at no cost. You must have a Student Torero ID card in order to check out any equipment.