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Information for New Faculty

Welcome to USD! The following will help you get started with Blackboard Olé, the learning management system used at the University of San Diego.

Blackboard provides faculty, students, and staff with a robust, full-featured set of tools for managing online classes to enhance student learning. The tools include the ability to provide digital content for courses, including syllabi, lectures, quizzes, and assignment submission, while also providing an opportunity to collaborate online through chat, message boards, and web conferencing.

If you have any questions about Blackboard, please contact the iTeam at *7400 or

Attend an Introduction to Blackboard 9.1 New Users Workshop

Sign up for a new user training to learn about Blackboard policies and procedures at USD, as well as basic Blackboard functions such as uploading documents, posting grades, communicating with students, and more.

Request a Sandbox course

A Sandbox is a practice course that is useful for testing out the new and improved features of Blackboard 9.1, or for building your coursework ahead of schedule. (Students are not enrolled in Sandbox courses.)

View On Demand tutorials

Blackboard has released a series of more than 100, two- to five-minute video tutorials on a variety of topics, broken down into several major areas:

Request your courses for the upcoming semester

Activate your courses using the form here.