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Blackboard Subject Training

Each semester, the iTeam offers subject training on specific topics related to Blackboard. The topics and descriptions can be found below.

Sign-up information can be found on the IT Training Calendar.

Grade Center and Assignments

This workshop will cover setting up your Grade Center from scratch, including organizing the Grade Center, adding graded items, creating grade categories, designing and applying grading schemas, weighting your grades, downloading your grades to an excel spreadsheet and uploading them into Blackboard, and setting up Smart Views for easier viewing of grade data by section or other criteria.

Communication and Collaboration

This workshop will focus on communication tools within your Blackboard course. You will learn strategies for using discussion boards, blogs and journals. You'll also learn how to create student groups and enable group features such as a file exchange, group discussion board, and more. The Email, Messages and Announcements tools will also be covered.

Tests and Assessments

In this workshop, you'll learn how to set up and download graded assignments in Blackboard and create and deploy tests using Respondus (PC only), an Excel spreadsheet, and the Blackboard interface. You'll also learn how to assess tests and provide feedback to students, as well as the optimal settings for test deployment.

Learning Modules

In this workshop, you'll learn how to design and create a learning module in Blackboard from start to finish. By the end, you'll know how to add content, assignments, quizzes and more to your learning module, as well as how to structure your learning module's table of contents.

Multimedia Integration

Did you know you can embed a video directly into your Blackboard course? This workshop will teach you how to do that via Youtube or USD's Straming Server, which all faculty have access to, and will focus on tools such as Wimba Live Classroom for conducting classes synchronously online, and Wimba Voice Board to incorporate audio-based discussion boards. You'll also learn how to integrate images and optimize them for Blackboard, whether directly in the course or in a PowerPoint file.


Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Wimba) is an online meeting platform integrated with Blackboard where you schedule sessions to hold virtual office hours, conduct class while on travel, or pre-record lectures or exam reviews that your students can watch on-demand.


This workshop will teach you what a rubric is, why you'd want to use one, and how it can make your grading easier and more streamlined. You'll see real examples of rubrics in action, and create your own that you can apply to assignments, tests, and other graded items in your course.

Build Your Organization

In this hour-long webinar, you'll get an overview of managing your Organization. You'll learn the basics of Blackboard, including how to add content, administer surveys, create groups, enroll users, and more.