WordPress Site

USD provides a WordPress solution which offers users a web-based content management system. This category is generally referred to as, "USD Sites." The system is USD-branded, but allows you to create your website with little coding knowledge, required web software, and with a larger degree of freedom from university branding standards.

USD Sites is a self-service personal or professional website system based on the WordPress platform. Use it for class websites, e-portfolios, individual or group blogs, or project or group websites.

Getting Started

You will need the following to request this type of website:

  • A valid MySanDiego username, password, and e-email address.

  • Selection of a new web address (URL) for your WordPress site. WordPress sites are housed on our sites.sandiego.edu server and have URLs such as the following: https://sites.sandiego.edu/[sitename]/

  • The type of site you need. The following are the options:
    • Personal website
    • Blog

  • The USD e-mail address(es) of anyone who will be helping you to maintain your website, if any.

  • Content for your new website, including any text, images, and files (such as PDFs or Word documents).

Request Your Site

Activate your account by completing the Register form on the USD Sites landing page. You can build and use your website as soon as you receive a confirmation e-mail that your web space on USD Sites has been created.

WordPress Training (Faculty Only)

If you are a faculty member at the university, you are eligible for a faculty-ready website, which is partially completed with content. We also offer basic training on the following topics, which you can request when submitting your site request.

  • Add/remove pages
  • Add/remove menu items
  • Update text content
  • Update links
  • Update media, such as images, video, etc.

Getting Help

The USD Sites platform is self-service. However if you experience a technical issue with the system, please contact us using our online request form. This ensures that the first-available team member can assist you.