New USD Website

Websites are available at the university for representing departments or organizations. These are extensions of the main university website and should be considered a professional representation of your department.

Getting Started

You will need the following to request this type of website:

  • Selection of a new web address (URL) for your departmental website. Note that we ensure that URLs are SEO-friendly. An example of a good SEO-friendly URL would be

  • Selection of a maintainer for your new website. Please see below for required training in order to gain access to the maintenance tool (Cascade Server CMS) for the website. ITS will not provision web server space for your site until a maintainer is identified. ITS is not staffed to maintain or otherwise edit your website long-term.

  • Creation of new navigation (i.e. information architecture) for your site. You can have a maximum of 5 or 6 categories in your navigation (depending on length of navigation items). This determines your primary (horizontal) navigation as well as your secondary (sub-page) navigation.

  • Development of an introductory statement for your website. This will be placed on your home page and serve as a welcome for visitors. 

  • Selection of 1 banner image for your website. The sizing of the banner on most USD websites is 2100x350. You can refer to the USD Gallery for professional photography provided by the university for web and print purposes.

  • Selection of contact information for display on your website. This involves the following for your department:
    • Phone
    • E-mail address
    • Office location
    • Office hours

  • Content for each page of your website. This should be provided as a Google Doc the URL of which should be included in the ticket you submit for this request.

Request Your Site

You will need to open an online web request to begin the process of building your new site. Select New Website as your request type and Departmental Website as the type of site you are looking to build.

Site Build

Once the above is collected and/or confirmed, ITS will create your new site based on the navigation structure and general content provided.

No work will commence unless we receive the content intended for your new home page and any interior pages.

Cascade Server CMS Training

Attend a Cascade Server training to learn how to use the USD templates within our content management software. This training is mandatory before ITS can authorize a web account in the USD Content Management System. Cascade Server Registration is available online.

Request access to the CMS once you have attended training. To do this please submit an access request.

Getting Help

If you have any questions or suggestions please don't hesitate to contact us using our online request form. This ensures that the first-available team member can assist you.