New Websites

There are several new approaches to creating websites at USD. You need to know which option you're requesting before you create a web request. See below for more information on which is what.

Starting from Scratch

Best for: Starting an officially branded USD website from scratch.

A new USD website involves starting up an entirely new website for your administrative or academic office. This request requires a navigation structure as well as content. New USD websites live on the web server and are an official representation of the university. 

Best for: Less branding restrictions than a USD website, and/or unaffiiliated with a specific school, department, or academic area.

A WordPress site is web space provided to any faculty, student, or staff by the unversity for personal or professional (e.g. teaching, research, or marketing) uses. Personal websites are powered by USD Sites, USD's WordPress server.

Working with Already Existing External Websites

Best for: Reconstructing an already existing external site to have the look and feel of a USD website.

A Cascade integration involves taking the content from an external website (non-USD website) which was made by some other company or institution, and manually transposing it, one content section at a time, into the Cascade CMS. During a site relocation the content of a website is converted to appear within the USD website theme, look, and feel.