Technical Review Checklist

The following checks should go into the technical review process when reviewing a new or updated page on the USD website:


  • Ensure that the page is within the USD template/design of the university
  • If it is a new page, ensure that the page file name is appropriately named in line with the content of the page; for example a page about Labs on Campus should be called labs-on-campus.php
  • Ensure that proper naming conventions are followed
  • Ensure that the page is nested appropriately within the file structure of the website


  • Check for content on the page; no coming soon, under construction, or blank pages will be approved
  • Correct use of headings 2-4; ensure that headings are being used for content organization and hierarchy and not for formatting purposes. Heading 1 should never be used because heading 1s are always the title of the page
  • Correct use of table summaries and headings included in any table-based content on the page
  • Check for general formatting and use of modules to ensure the content on the page is presented optimally
  • Style conflicts (e.g. centered text, incorrect heading flow, etc.)
  • Links are internal within Cascade Server wherever possible
  • Appropriate descriptive text is used for links for improved SEO; no 'click here,' 'RSVP,' 'link,' or other non-descriptive text will be approved
  • Ensure that descriptive link text is unique to each item on a page (e.g. 'application for scholarship' versus 'application')


  • All images have accurate and detailed alt text
    • For any images with text on the image or for "flyers," this requires that ALL text on the image is transcribed into the alt text
    • Alt text should always avoid problematic phrasing
  • Images are cropped to an appropriate size
  • Images are not distorted (i.e. stretched or squished) on the page


  • PDF documents are accessible; the PDF should contain readable text and have alternative text applied to any imagery it contains
  • No scans or images of books


  • Ensure any videos are embedded properly on the page
  • Ensure embedded videos have closed captioning

General Considerations

  • No intellectual property violations, e.g. copyrighted images, documents, or other plagiarized materials
  • No offense terms, language, or images whether blatant or "hidden in code" (i.e. naming of HTML classes, CSS selectors, etc.)
  • No off-brand content
  • Check for general color contrast issues on the page that might pose an issue; color contrast ratios are controlled by the USD style sheets and standards but assets introduced into the content region may still be problematic