Secure and Protect Zoom Meetings

Zoombombing is a new form of trolling in which a participant uses Zoom’s screensharing feature to interrupt and disrupt meetings and classes.

Secure Your Meetings and Virtual Classrooms

As the host, there are several settings available to help secure your Zoom meeting. Below are some additional strategies for locking down your meeting.

Classroom Management Strategies

  • Waiting Room Message
  • Waiting Room: Add Participants
  • Remove Participant from Class
  • Lock Meeting

Zoom Meetings Set-up in Blackboard

  • Set Password & Enable Waiting Room for a Zoom Meeting
  • Remove Participants From Class

Zoom Meetings Set-up in the Application

  • Require a Password When Scheduling New Meetings
  • Require a Password for Instant Meetings
  • Enable a Waiting Room for a Zoom Meeting
  • Remove Participants from Class


  • Zoom Screen Share Settings
  • Enable Screen Share for Participants in a Zoom Meeting
  • Disable "File Transfer" So there is no Digital Virus Sharing
  • Disable Chat in a Zoom Meeting