Respondus is a company that makes several different software programs.

The two main programs are:

  1. Respondus 4.0
  2. Respondus LockDown Browser
    1. Respondus Monitor (builds on Respondus LockDown Browser)
    2. Respondus Proctor (builds on Respondus LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor)

Respondus 4.0

1. Respondus 4.0 is software that allows an instructor to upload assessment questions, in various formats, directly into Blackboard. Note: Respondus 4.0 currently works only on computers running Windows.


To learn more about Respondus 4.0, please visit The Learning Design Center's webpage.

Respondus Lockdown Browser

2. Respondus LockDown Browser is a browser - just like Edge or Chrome -  that students download to take Respondus LockDown designated assessments. The Respondus LockDown Brower is different than any other browser because it prevents any other software to be open/opened while an assessment is in progress. 

  1. Respondus Monitor requires a webcam and records a student while he/she is taking an exam. It flags the instructor if the student does anything "suspicious" during the exam.
  2. Respondus Proctor allows students to keep Zoom open while they are taking an assessment so the instructor can watch the class/individuals while they are taking their exam.

Want to see all the features of LockDownBrowser and Respondus Monitor? Check out this LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor Feature Checklist.

Need help deciding which to use? Use this Respondus Monitor Scenarios pdf to help you decide.


To learn more about Respondus LockDown Browser, please visit The Learning Design Center's webpage.

To learn more about Respondus Monitor and Respondus Proctor, please email





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