How to Get Started with Qualtrics at USD

New Account Instructions for Students / Faculty / Staff: 

  1. Login to Qualtrics with your USD One username and password. The first time login to Qualtrics, your Qualtrics account will be auto-generated.  If you encounter any problems logging in, you can email the helpdesk at or call ext. 7900.
  2. Agree to the USD Qualtrics Terms of Use, when prompted.
  3. Click on the button “I don’t have a Qualtrics Account” and follow the instructions to create your account.
  4. Your request will go to for approval. You will receive an email when your account is approved and activated*.  
  5. NOTE: Please keep in mind, If you already have a Qualtrics account created prior to this request via, that account will not be associated in any way with your USD Qualtrics account.


User Type Create Surveys? Activate Surveys? Distribute Surveys? Approve Surveys?
Student Yes  Requires faculty approval Limited to 100 responses No
Faculty Yes  Yes Limited to 100 responses Yes
Staff Yes  Yes Limited to 100 responses No
Admin Yes  Yes Limited to 100 responses No
AdminPlus Yes Yes Unlimited No


*Qualtrics is a paid subscription and not all units participate to support it. An account for 3-5 people is $500 and large units are $2,000.


If you encounter any problems creating your Qualtrics account, you can contact the HelpDesk for assistance at the following: