Administering Surveys

Within the last couple of years there has been a significant increase in the number of surveys administered across campus. Recently USD has purchased a University-wide license for Qualtrics online survey administration software. It is essential that surveys conducted at the University of San Diego provide meaningful, reliable results. We have established procedures to maximize the benefits of surveys conducted on campus.

These procedures are intended to:

  • Avoiding the collection of duplicate information
  • Encouraging the sharing of survey results with the campus community
  • Reducing possible survey fatigue by limiting the number and timing of surveys to any one specific group
  • Maximizing participation rates for critical university surveys
  • Ensure that those who undertake survey research are aware of ethical practices for research involving human participants and have Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval as necessary 

Survey Guides:

Is a Survey Right for Your Needs?

Survey Construction Guide

Account types:

A description of USD Qualtrics account types can be found at this link.

Administrative privileges will be granted to faculty and staff members of USD. Students who wish to distribute surveys must have a sponsoring faculty or staff member who has obtained survey approval privileges approve the survey for them. Faculty members are automatically granted survey approval privileges upon account creation.

Potential uses of Qualtrics at USD:

  • Research conducted by faculty
  • Evaluation or assessment of an event by participants or feedback on a service by clients
  • Surveys that are part of assigned work for a course 

MAX of 100 respondents, otherwise permissions MUST be increased:

Qualtrics is set to allow surveys to be administered to a maximum of 100 respondents. Anyone who wishes to survey more than 100 respondents must fill out the USD Qualtrics Administrative Request Form

BEFORE increasing permissions for a Qualtrics account:

  • Ensure that the survey is not designed to collect information already collected by another university survey; if available, the University will provide the sought after information
  • Reduce survey fatigue and help to maximize responses to critical university surveys by providing permissible dates for the administration of the survey
  • Provide the official email list for administration or administer the survey if appropriate