Operating Systems

USD-Managed Operating Systems

To ensure consistency and security across all USD-owned devices, ITS manages all operating systems installed on USD-owned devices.  Select your OS type below to learn more about currently supported versions, your OS lifecycle, and any major updates you should be aware of. 

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Compatibility Note

In order to ensure that all USD computers support the latest security patches, ITS requires all USD-managed computers to run a supported version of the Windows and Mac operating systems.  Supported versions can be found on the ITS Operating Systems page, and usually include the three most recent versions released by the vendor.

Please note that computers that are not on a supported operating system version, or computers whose hardware is not compatible with a supported operating system version may be disconnected from the Network.  To upgrade these computers to the newest operating system, or to replace old devices with ones compatible with ITS-supported operating systems, please contact the ITS Help Desk.