Phishing Awareness Program


Phishing is the single greatest threat to our privacy and cybersecurity.  In order to increase awareness of the dangers associated with phishing, the University of San Diego implemented the KnowBe4 phishing simulation and training system in November 2017.

KnowBe4 periodically sends an email to each participant that resembles a phishing message.  It’s designed to create a safe, educational environment for a recipient to practice phishing email identification.

A recipient who opens a link in one of these messages is redirected to an instructional webpage with guidance on how to identify malicious messages similar to that in the future.  The participant is also enrolled in a mandatory on-line training exercise, designed to help build awareness and help our community better protect itself from malicious emails.

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  • Trains participants to recognize, report, and avoid phishing attacks, which helps protect them and their department from cyber threats.
  • Helps Information Technology Services collect better metrics and information about the ever-changing landscape of email-based attacks in order to better protect the USD community from these threats.


Get Started

Beginning in January 2018 all USD faculty and staff are automatically enrolled in this service.

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