Pre-recorded Workshops

A centralized hub for the pre-recorded workshops related to on-line teaching and learning (continually updated)

Zoom intergrates into Blackboard for providing an on-line experience for your students.  Here are the basics.
Learn all the basic functions for Blackboard teaching and learning.
Securely deliver exams via Blackboard.
Create a video presentation/lecture (Voice Over Powerpoint) through Zoom and deliver it through email and Blackboard so that students can view your presentations at their own time and own pace. (20:00 minutes)
Create a link in your signature so that you and your students can quickly jump into a Zoom. (2:45 minutes)
Upload a personal video to University Gmail/YouTube accounts. This is for faculty who wish to host video and do not host videos directly in Blackboard.
Manage your office hours with Zoom and Google Calendar.
Access your attendance roster through Zoom.