Pre-recorded Workshops

Integrate Zoom with Blackboard to provide an on-line experience (53 minutes).
Learn all the basic functions for Blackboard teaching and learning (1 hour 9 minutes).
Securely deliver exams via Blackboard (1 hour 2 minutes).
Create a video presentation (Voice Over Powerpoint) through Zoom (20 minutes).
Tips for facilitating engaging Zoom sessions (59 minutes).
How to set up and conduct a poll in Zoom (32 minutes).
Effective ways to show videos and facilitate a group discussion (22 minutes).
Use breakout groups in Zoom for small group collaboration (55 minutes).
Manage your office hours with Zoom and Google Calendar (5 minutes).
Create a link in your email signature to quickly jump to Zoom (3 minutes).
Upload a personal video to Gmail/YouTube (2 minutes).
Access your attendance roster through Zoom in Blackboard (2 minutes).
Use the annotation tool in your zoom presentation (4 minutes).