For Parents

Support Student Success in Remote Learning

Know their Schedule

Students are encouraged to maintain their schedule using the Google Calendar. Have your student share their calendar, class schedule and synchronous meeting times so you are aware of the times they are devoted to their academics. University of San Diego uses Gmail. Here is how to share calendars.

Know your Bandwidth

In order for your student to be successful in learning remotely, they will need/use a lot of internet bandwidth. They will be using Zoom to communicate with faculty and students, share documents, create presentations, etc. This takes a lot of internet bandwidth. This may require you to upgrade your home internet service (or data plans) or refrain from using the internet during their class sessions.

Connect Via Zoom

All students at USD have a Zoom Pro account. With Zoom they can connect with faculty, students and staff at the University from anywhere. They can also use their account to connect with family and friends.

Other Tips!

  • Exercise and Fresh Air
  • Keeping up with routine
  • Learn a hobby! Set Goals!
  • Engage in fun projects 
  • Keep in mind this is a temporary situation