Panopto at USD

Lecture Recording - Screencasting - Video Streaming and Management

What is Panopto?

Panopto provides lecture recording, screencasting, video streaming, and video content management software, which is often used in e-learning environments. Panopto has been installed in all recently updated classrooms.

How to Claim Your Panopto Faculty/Staff Account

Why Do I Want to Use Panopto?

See how faculty are using Panopto in their coursework by previewing the video below.

See how a Panopto video looks full screen when viewed by students.

The Panopto Lecture Capture platform allows faculty to:

  • Search videos for spoken word keywords or text on screen
  • Set privacy and viewer settings similar to Google Drive
  • Securely upload, organize, and stream your own video content
  • Create assignment folders for students so they can record with Panopto 
  • Record and share microlectures to students only enrolled in your class
  • Let students comment, interact, and have discussion inside videos
  • View analytics to see who has watched your video and up to what point
  • Record your own assessments and give detailed video feedback
  • Caption videos automatically and edit as needed for accessibility
  • Insert a YouTube video, website, URL, or PDF to your videos
  • Create interactive quizzes with multiple choice, checkbox, and true/false options
  • Add a table of contents or viewable notes inside videos
  • Edit out any part of your lecture and replace/insert content

How You Can Use Panopto in a Post-Remote Semester

  • Create an intro video so the class can get to know you and why you are the expert.
  • Record your syllabus to stress why you want the class to learn what you are teaching. 
  • Setup student expectations by making short videos to introduce your class to what they will be learning.
  • Create a short video explaining key subject matters, correct answers, and assessments.

Flipping Your Classroom

A flipped classroom turns the traditional learning experience upside down. Lectures are recorded outside of class and then shared with students for review and homework. Classroom time is then mostly reserved for students to engage in discussions and activities.

The principal goals of flipping are:

  • To make the classroom a more interactive learning environment
  • To enable students to learn at their own pace
  • To help the instructor tailor the course to individual student needs

By making lecture materials available on-demand, students can watch to review important or unclear details as often as needed until they’re well understood. As a result, students can come to class with a better grasp of the topic and can participate in discussions and activities that apply what they’ve learned. Classroom activities may include group work, comprehension tests, presentations, and other applications of the subject matter. 

Using Panopto with Zoom

Your Zoom recordings automatically transfer to Panopto's secure video library where they benefit from the additional viewing and interactive capabilities within Panopto.

See how Panopto manages, searches, and shares Zoom recordings.

How to Use the Zoom Integration - If you previously logged into Panopto, Zoom videos will be located in your My Folder in the subfolder Meeting Recordings. If you have not previously signed into Panopto, Zoom videos will go to a default folder on the Panopto site and you will receive an email that includes a link to view the video. When you sign in for the first time, your videos will be moved inside of My Folder. 

Using Panopto with Blackboard

The Panopto Blackboard integration brings your video recordings directly to the Blackboard interface. Watch the video below to see how to bring the tool into your courses.

Here's how it works: 

  • Panopto references your current class lists to understand which students have access to each course and Panopto course folders
  • You can add and manage your videos from inside the Panopto classroom folder

How to Put the Panopto Video Link in the Left-Hand Navigation Panel of Your Blackboard Course

Blackboard-associated permissions with Panopto sync upon login to Panopto through Blackboard, either by:

  • Clicking through the "Panopto Course Tool" tool link from within your Blackboard course.
  • Visiting the Panopto site directly, selecting Blackboard as the login option, clicking sign-in and then entering Blackboard credentials
Panopto sessions embedded into Blackboard do not trigger any type of permissions sync with Panopto.

Recording and Support

Once your account has "Creator" Role you can start recording videos from anywhere.