Learning Glass at USD

How it Works

The Learning Glass is an innovative, easy-to-use technology that reinvents recorded lectures and engages students. You are able to maintain face to face contact with students watching instead of turning your back to the student.

As the instructor, you stand behind the Learning Glass and present your lecture looking in the direction of the camera while writing on the Learning Glass, as you normally would from left to right. The overall image is then inverted during the recording process so your students watching the video are seeing the written documentation and the text from left to right as you presented. Watch segments of instructor videos below to get an idea how you can use it for your flipped class lectures.

The Learning Glass Advantage

When a dry-erase board is paired with dry-erase markers the end result on video cameras may be a lack of clarity and contrast. The Learning Glass solves this problem with a transparent whiteboard paired with high contrast markers that get recorded into a one-button recording system.

  • The Learning Glass allows for a more engaged, natural, relaxed, and interactive viewing experience.
  • You are recorded facing the camera allowing for natural eye contact with students while gesturing and pointing to what you write on the glass.
  • You can use the system without having to setup your own camera or whiteboard. All you have to do is turn the system on and hit the record button.

How Do I Use it?

The Learning Glass can be used without any previous video production experience. The workflow and design allow you to create high-quality videos without having to know about lights, sound design, or cameras. If you do have any questions an instruction sheet is provided along with a friendly staff member available across the hall. 

You can also bring your laptop to show in the top right corner of the Learning Glass, side-by-side, or even show just your laptop at certain times. You can record multiple videos during your session by pressing the start and stop button as needed.

When you are finished recording you will have a .mp4 file on a USB drive if you recorded one video or multiple .mp4 files if you recorded multiple videos. The .mp4 format is compatible with any platform so you can upload to Panopto (or Google Drive/YouTube). The .mp4 can also be imported to any Mac/PC video editing program.

What to Know and Bring

Learning Glass -

  • Wear a shirt without any words on it (otherwise the words will appear backwards) and that allows you to attach a wireless mic 6-8 inches below your mouth.
  • Avoid dark blue shirts along with shirts that have fine textures or patterns.
  • If you would like to show your laptop alongside the Learning Glass, your laptop must have an external HDMI output. This can be the HDMI port on your laptop or an adapter that converts to HDMI so you can plugin your laptop to the HDMI cable.

 USB Flash Drive Recording with Learning Glass

  • To record, Media Services will provide a flash drive for you to record with.
  • A test recording is highly recommended before you start your first recording so you can see how the final video will look and sound.
  • When finished recording, you can upload your video files before you leave the studio by plugging the USB drive into your laptop and uploading the files.
  • If you don't have a laptop to upload the files, there is a computer next to the Learning Glass you can use.

Location, Hours, and Reservations

The Learning Glass is located in Maher Hall 188 across from the Media Lab. You can reserve a station between 9:30am to 5pm.

COVID Notice: The Learning Glass is prepared for the next user and sanitized after every use.

 Click here to book the Learning Glass Station at the Faculty Teaching Studio.