Faculty Teaching Studio

The USD Faculty Teaching Studio will be available August 2020 to all faculty using the latest streamlined lecture capture and HD recording technology.

What is the The USD Faculty Teaching Studio?

The studio is a 3-in-1 recording room where you can choose between 3 recording stations depending on your material. When you book your station, staff will prep the station accordingly so the station is ready for you when you arrive. 

lecture capture

Why use the Faculty Teaching Studio?

You can record:

  • Welcome videos, course overviews, procedural videos and explainer videos
  • Individual classes or entire online courses
  • Pre-lecture learning activities for blended learning modules

As long as you book the studio you can use it at your convenience without being interrupted. You can choose between 3 recording stations, each with their own unique ways of delivering pedegogy. The door to the studio can close and is surrounded by acoustic sound curtains blocking out sound from outside the room.

Book your station here. Each station has self-guided recording instructions and is cleaned before and after every use. Support can be provided as needed by an Instructional Media Services staff member while still adhering to USD social distancing guidelines and being able to remote into the station computer you are working on from outside the room.

Learning Glass Station

This station allows instructors to draw, annotate, and describe diagrams while facing the student audience.

Why use the Learning Glass Station?

  • Give the look of a one-on-one review session where you can be seen and heard just as you would in class
  • Explain concepts that may be easier to convey in graphical formats, icons, and symbols.
  • You can talk and write without turning back and forth to a traditional whiteboard
  • Break up lectures into smaller partitions with the glass size being limited to how much can be written

This station comes with an efficient one-button recording setup making it easy for faculty use. Walk up to station, insert your USB drive and start recording. If you don't have a USB to start the recording, Media Services can provide one. You can then teach through writing on the Learning Glass with the option to insert your PowerPoint material and choose how you want the student to see your display.

When you are finished you can leave with the MP4 video file on your USB drive or upload the file to your Panopto lecture capture software or Google Drive to edit later.

Web Presenter Station

Why use the Web Presenter Station?

  • Create microlectures around training and education topics
  • Record slide presentations once for on-demand viewing
  • Give a professional video look and feel to your videos

Sit down and capture your presentation using the built-in Macbook Pro, professional desktop microphone and Cinema Camera directly into your lecture capture software. You can also bring your own computer to record as long as you have a USB slot available for the cinema camera USB input and desktop microphone input. 

Classroom Podium Station

Record just as you would if you were in a classroom standing at the podium or walking around. This station allows you to record using your Panopto lecture capture account to capture the content you want with unobtrusive lighting and microphones above the station.

Why use the Classroom Podium Station?

  • Teach with a natural lecture-feel using the podium or whiteboard
  • Show the document camera, computer screen or your own slides
  • Write directly on the screen with the podium stylist pen

With this multi-functional station you can also:

  • Record 2 faculty presenting on screen at the same time
  • Record with a teleprompter
  • Record with blue, black and white backdrops
  • Record with the green screen
  • Record using the built-in whiteboard

Along with being able to record directly into Panopto, you can also record HD MP4 files directly into the computer and take the files with you or upload to Google Drive to edit later.


When is the studio available?

The studio is available between 9AM-6PM

Where is the studio located?

The studio is located in Maher 188.

Who is the studio for?

The studio is for all part-time and full-time faculty.