Podcasting Recording Devices and Processes

  • Audio: USD offers several different audio recording options including 2 private recording booths in the Maher Hall Media Lab with podcasting booths and portable checkout devices.
  • Video podcasts can be a talking head, screen recording or short video lecture. You can create your own video podcast or fill out a Video Production Request form if you would like to request Media Services create a video for you.  
  • Narrate your Keynote and PowerPoint presentations for podcasting. You can export a video file once you are finished.

Contact ims@sandiego.edu if you have questions about creating a podcast.

Recording Locations

There are 2 private recording booths in the Maher Hall Media Lab. You can assign your students video coursework and they can record and edit in the Media Lab.

Audio Recording Options

The Sony ICD-UX 80 and the Olympus ME 15 portable microphone are recommended for both lecture and general non-lecture recording. These are to be purchased, or you can borrow one for IMS for two weeks to try it out.

Want to try-out a Sony?

Contact: IMS Circulation Desk | (619) 260.4567 | pdf Icon Sony ICD-UX 80 Manual

The Zoom H2 dual microphone, surround-sound recorder is ideal for solo recording, recording interviews with 2 or more people, telephone conversations, music or other audio.

Want to Sign-Out a Zoom?

Contact: IMS Circulation Desk | 619.260.4567