Podcasting & Recording Suites

Podcasting and flipped class recordings are ways to deliver educational or promotional content as audio, video or text (pdf) to computers and portable devices outside the classroom. You can reserve one of the private recording stations in the Media Lab to record. We use Adobe Audition for podcasting and voice recordings and ScreencastoMatic/Zoom for screen recordings. 

Podcasting and Recording Options

  • Audio: USD offers different audio recording options including 2 private recording booths in the Maher Hall Media Lab with podcasting booths and portable checkout devices.
  • Video podcasts can be a talking head, screen recording or short video lecture. You can create your own video podcast or fill out a Video Production Request form if you would like to request Media Services create a video for you.  

Equipment Checkout and Support 

Podcasting microphones are available for checkout at the IMS Circulation Desk. Call the Circulation Desk at 619-260-4567 for more information or to reserve a portable podcasting microphone. You can also contact IMS at for an individual consultation on the best match for your project needs.