Media Lab

The Media Lab is located in Maher 176 and available for faculty, staff and students to assist with:

  • Video project consulting
  • Video editing
  • Poster printing
  • Multimedia projects
  • VHS to DVD/digital conversion
  • Podcasting & voiceover
  • Video conversion
  • Video uploading

The Media Lab has eight 27" iMac computers equipped with Final Cut X, Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, iMovie, and Microsoft Office to assist with multimedia coursework. The podcasting and voiceover rooms are located on Stations 1 and 2.

All computers also have access to, a royalty-free stock video, photo, music, and sound effects library collection for USD multimedia coursework. To better prepare yourself, you can search for the content you want and save the links before coming to the media lab. Once you get to the Media Lab you can download all the footage you need for your project.

NOTE: For the current hybrid teaching model, if you are unable to come to the Media Lab to access our license, email and we can send you temporary access.

Training and Consulting 

There are several ways you can request training

personalized one-on-one training by emailing to schedule a time.

You can also:

  • Book at remote session using our appointment calendar
  • Schedue one-on-one training by emailing to schedule a time.
  • Come into the Media Lab for a brief walk-in training where staff can assist you

Creating, Editing, and Publishing Your Videos

We recommend coming to the lab so you can drop off your footage and content at a workstation. You can then can create a project and mark down scheduled times you would like to use the workstation to finish your project.

While you do not need an appointment to come by the lab, it helps to schedule a time so we can confirm we can be here to assist you. Just go to our RESERVATION LINK to book a station and time to ensure someone is available.

The resources below are to guide you through the process of creating, editing, and uploading videos.

  • Filming, Formatting, and Uploading Tips
  • Creating Videos
  • Editing Your Videos
  • Video Uploading