What is Mediasite?

Mediasite is a classroom lecture capture technology that allows an instructor to easily video record their lecture(s) at selected locations on campus.

In additon, Mediasite also makes it possible to record lectures from your webcam and/or desktop, using a version called MyMediasite Desktop Recorder. Both the classroom and desktop version of Mediasite publish to an in-house streaming server.

The links to the streamed content can be viewed by students via a private link on their desktop or mobile device. The user interface of the Mediasite player allows slides, video, and audio content to be presented in a way that allows students to choose between what they want to view.

Introduction to MyMediasite and Mediasite Desktop Recorder

mediasite player

Why do I want Mediasite?

Mediasite at USD is not intended to be used in place of face-to-face teaching, but rather in addition to it.

Mediasite allows you to …

  • Create on-demand lecture material that can be used over and over again
  • Give students access to your lectures for review
  • Build a library of lecture material to share in a variety of ways
  • Create lectures in advance of travel obligations
  • Make your lectures mobile, allowing students to access them on handheld devices

Mediasite at USD

Mediasite makes it possible for students to revisit a lecture as many times as they like, which can be especially valuable for exam review or to gain a better understanding of a difficult concept. Mediasite is an effective way for instructors to build libraries of material that can be accessed not only by students, but also by colleagues, practitioners, and the extended academic community.

Currently, Mediasite is installed in the following classrooms for the purpose of recording lectures.

  • School of Law Classrooms
  • Coronado Hall, Room 102
  • Beyster Institute for Nursing Research 207 and 209

Additionally, USD has licenses for the Mediasite Desktop Recorder that can be provisioned to faculty members for the purpose of recording.

How Do I get Mediasite?

  • Lecture Capture: Currently we have multiple classrooms with Mediasite installed (listed above).  You can work with your department's technical or scheduling liaison to reserve one of these spaces.

  • Desktop Recorder: To request a license for the Mediasite Desktop Recorder, please complete the Mediasite Account Request Form. When submitting a request, please be sure to include your department and intended usage.

Mediasite Help and Information

Please contact Instructional Media Services at for more information or to arrange a one-on-one training.