Media Lab and Recording Studios

Media Lab Overview

The Media Lab is located in Maher 176 and available to faculty, staff, and students for assistance with:

  • Video project consulting
  • One-on-one or group trainings
  • HD video recording 
  • Video project editing
  • Multimedia project creation
  • Web video to digital file conversion
  • Podcasting & voiceover
  • Video conversion, exporting, and uploading

Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday 8am to 7pm.

* Please note the use of the podcasting/voiceover rooms and Media Lab Presentation Recording Studio by students is specifically for coursework assignments.


Media Lab Stations

There are eight 27" iMac computers equipped with Final Cut X, Adobe Creative Cloud, iMovie, Davinci Resolve, Keynote, and Microsoft Office to assist with multimedia coursework.

  • The podcasting/voiceover rooms are located on Station 1 (up to 2 people) and Station 2 (up to 3 people). 
  • The podcast/voiceover rooms soundproofed and the ability to hear yourself and others when recording with the use of built-in headphones.
  • Each station comes with the ability to download royalty-free HD video clips and music for your coursework directly from


Media Lab Presentation Recording Studio

The media lab also has a presentation recording studio where USD students, staff, and faculty can record video. The video get recorded to a thumb drive as a MP4 video file to a built-in flash drive and can then be uploaded to Google Drive or transferred to a computer.

Alternatively, a presenter can plug a USB cable into their laptop to record directly to their laptop by using Zoom or Panopto just as if they were using a webcam. Presenters can also connect their laptop to the built-in video switcher so they can switch between being on camera or showing just the laptop presentation.

Behind the Scenes

The images below can give you a sense of the setup and the flexible preview options available.
Green Screen + Lighting
Video Switcher + Record Button
Sound Mixing + Multiple Mic Options
HD Camera + Zoom Lens
Presenter + Laptop You can also use your laptop as a teleprompter by going to
Superimposed Viewing You can fade yourself in and out by pressing the transition button on the switcher.
Presenter Only Viewing You can show yourself full screen without the use of any other presentation material.

Video Clip Samples

See how you can present in different ways or the different backgrounds you can choose from.

When reserving the studio, there are 4 recording setups to choose from:

  • (1) Presenter full screen in front of a laptop.
  • (2) Presenter bottom right in front of a laptop.
  • (3) Presenter full screen or just the laptop. 
    Note: The voice of the presenter will still be heard when showing just the laptop.
  • (4) Presenter full screen without laptop.
    Note: The presenter can also bring in their own backdrop in any still image format.


Multimedia Project Support

You can stop by the Media Lab if you have any specific questions as it relates to creating, editing, publishing, filming, and formatting your media. We also provide technical support for editing, camera, and sound mixing settings along with general guidance for creating final video projects or audio podcasts. You may be able to get some of your questions answered below as it relates to filming resources, software, tips, and workflows.
  • Creating Videos
  • Editing Your Videos
  • Video Publishing
  • Filming and Formatting