Classroom Technology Welcome

Teaching Technology in the Classrooms

  • The audiovisual system has been upgraded. We’ve installed dual cameras, the classroom control system, and a microphone system.
  • We have a few key enterprise applications (such as Zoom/Panopto/Blackboard) integrated for ease of use and workflow process to improve your in-person, hybrid or hyflex virtual class sessions.

Click here to see a list of the upgraded classrooms with camera capabilities.

Onsite Demo

Need to Schedule an Onsite Demo of the Classroom Podium or Virtual/Hybrid Classroom Setup? Send an email to and we will work with you, in your classroom, until you feel comfortable.

Checklists for Hybrid Teaching and/or Recording Your Classes

Be sure the computer at the podium is turned on, then:

  • Launch your Blackboard course when you arrive at the classroom 
  • Launch your pre-scheduled Zoom session 
  • Begin your instructions
  • With Zoom and Panopto installed on all podium computers and integrated with Blackboard, your class will be recorded and the video will show up in your Panopto course folder.

What is Panopto? See what this video storage platform is all about

* Be sure to claim your Panopto account to preserve your recordings.  

What is
Zoom? Find out here

* Zoom Recordings in the cloud get purged every 30 days to free up storage space. But, with the integration of Panopto, all Zoom cloud recorded sessions get copied to your Panopto account automatically. This will offer peace of mind if you or your students will need to reference your class lecture or material.

Can I use Zoom or Panopto independently from Blackboard?

Yes, you can! Click on the software icon on the classroom podium, make sure you record to the cloud, click start and start recording your class! To see a complete overview and detailed instructions  on classroom support for hybrid teaching visit our Hybrid Classroom page. 

Live Weekly Support

We established a weekly live Faculty Support in Spring, 2019. On Thursdays, from 12 PM - 1:30 PM, we have several of our staff available to answer your questions about Zoom/Panopto/Blackboard. 

This is primarily a drop-in session to assist faculty with any quick Q&A, troubleshooting, advice, or consultation. We sometimes block a portion of this time to broadcast quick demos of new products or tips and tricks to assist with your teaching. What you share with us will help us adjust and tweak our instructional configurations to make things work smoother. 

We are here to help! Visit our Office Hours page for more information.

Faculty Support Resources

Media Lab: The Media Lab allows for students to record in audio podcasting stations, use the Media Lab one-button recording video studio (coming soon), or edit on any of the video editing stations for coursework. Support is provided by staff who can show users the basics of filming, editing, and uploading student multimedia assignments. Small training sessions can be provided to classes so students can become familiar with and get an overview of the Media Lab.

Faculty Teaching Studio: The Faculty Teaching Studio allows faculty to create video content for coursework to be shown outside the class. Faculty can choose the modality of teaching by booking one of 3 stations which consist of a Classroom Podium, Learning Glass, and a Web Presenter Station.

Faculty ITS Support: ITS provides a variety of software and web-based application to support the needs of faculty in the delivery of highly engaging educational experiences, both in the classroom and online and the Faculty Support Team is here to help you integrate these technologies into your classroom to achieve higher-learning. If you have a question and don’t know who to ask, please email us at or stop in Maher Hall 186B.

ITS Help Desk For all IT related help, you can always contact or call 619-260-7900 and the Help Desk will answer your question or triage your question/request to the appropriate unit within ITS.