Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services with Sharp Business Systems

As part of Stride to the 2024 efforts the University engaged third party vendors in a competitive RFP bidding process. The contracted services included in the RFP last for a 5 years in which the awarded contractor provides maintenance and toner/ink consumables for Multifunction Printers or MFPs as well as Laserjet printers. After a very competitive RFP process Sharp Business Systems was selected as the university's exclusive managed print provider. Sharp completed an assessment and will be making ongoing recommendations to identify cost savings across campus as we move forward. Benefits of consolidating our managed print services include: 

  • Reduced cost per copy
  • Lower overall cost for managed print services
  • We are no longer tied to volumes so we only pay for what we use 
  • Toner replacement program 
  • Having only one managed print vendor on campus as opposed to three 

We appreciate your cooperation as we identify other ways to save on costs. Printers that are on the program will be identified by a Sharp sticker and an ID. The following will provide you with information about the managed print program as well as contact information for ordering services and supplies

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I do if receive a call from Sharp claiming I need to purchase toner?
  • Toner Recycling
  • Who do I call for support?
  • How do I order Paper or Toner?
  • What information is needed by Sharp when calling for support?
  • When can we start calling Sharp for support?
  • How do we know if a printer is supported by Sharp?
  • What happens if my printer can not be fixed?
  • How is the cost per print measured?
  • What if I have a device with Sharp sticker but Sharp is unable to provide a service?
  • What if we have HP devices?
  • Can I purchase generic toner from a third party?

At any time unsure, please contact the Help Desk if you have concerns about this. The Help Desk will get you in contact with one of the managers on shift to answer your questions.