Replacement Procedures

Please note: All computers and laptops must be ordered through ITS or been given ITS approval, per Purchasing Policy 2.10.2. Please email for more information.

Information Technology Services (ITS) is implementing guidelines for replacing desktop and laptop computers on a 5 year cycle.

The overall purpose of the program is to ensure that computing resources on campus are up-to-date. The goals of the Computer Replacement Program (CRP) are to:

  • Ensure that all tenured and tenure-track faculty and benefits-based staff members who use computing resources in their positions have access to a computer of sufficient capability to support basic computing needs* in fulfillment of their work responsibilities;
  • Ensure that appropriate computing resources are available in departmental computing facilities and university offices in support of USD’s mission;
  • Ensures that desktop computer systems have sufficient capacity and compatibility to meet each department and school’s operational needs;
  • Establish a centralized budget which provides basic computing resources for university employees, thereby providing relief to area budgets and reducing reliance on year-end surplus and current fund contingency;
  • Implement minimum standards for computing resources on campus increasing the supportability of the institution’s installed base of equipment;
  • Maintains ongoing compatibility of computer systems with the computer applications used within each department and school at USD;
  • Streamline the specification, acquisition, and deployment of new equipment and re-deployment or disposal of old equipment.

* “Basic Computing Needs“ include word processing, electronic messaging, Library access, Internet (web) access, spreadsheet, simple database, and basic institutional data access. Other specialized needs, such as secondary computers, advanced hardware, or Research needs, and other specialized needs must be funded from departmental budgets or from research funds.

These guidelines shall apply to the replacement cycle for all desktop and laptop computers at USD. Information Technology Services has authority and is responsible for the acquisition and support of computer replacements.
  • Who Qualifies for a Computer?
  • Acquisition and Support
  • Replacement and Redeployment
  • Purchase and Replacement of Grant-Funded Equipment
  • Purchase and Replacement of Computer Lab or Special Purpose Equipment
  • Exceptions
  • Responsibility for Equipment