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G Suite @ USD

G-Suite for Education, a collection of Google's free web-based applications offered ad-free to educational institutions, is available to USD faculty, staff, and students.

The suite of apps includes:

  • Calendar
  • Chat
  • Cloud Search
  • Collections
  • Contacts
  • Docs
  • Drive
  • Forms
  • Gmail
  • Google+
  • Group
  • Hangouts
  • Jamboard
  • Keep
  • Maps
  • Meet
  • News
  • Photos
  • Sheets
  • Slides
  • Vault
  • YouTube

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Give points for specific activities -- like opening and reading and email or attending an event -- and have these points add up to awards of your choosing.

Access Application

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General Hardware

Please use the following for requesting a quote for hardware. General hardware inquiries include:

  • Keyboards
  • Mice & Accessories
  • Printer Ink & Toner
  • Audio & Video Accessories
  • Computer Speakers
  • WebCams
  • Headsets
  • External Devices
  • Monitors

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Consultation request form 

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General Software

Please submit this form for questions about or quotes for software programs not currently listed.  An ITS representative will contact you to discuss the software requested, alternatives, and pricing available.

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Grant Data Preservation Options (for use associated with NSF Data Management Plans and Other Sponsored Research)

In order to address improvements to preservation/archiving storage solutions for research, the University of San Diego Information Technology Services unit suggests that Principal Investigators (PI’s) consider the following options for data archiving/preservation associated with research:

  1. Business Advanced Dropbox
    • For $180 per year (in 2017) you are provided with an unlimited storage of Business/Advanced Dropbox. Dropbox is a service and application that is commonly used to share documents. At the University of San Diego, Information Technology Services obtained a limited number of business/advanced licenses of Dropbox for sharing of documents, storage, and for preservation of data. Our Dropbox agreement is an annual subscription model and it is dependent on the terms of the contract as per Dropbox’s annual renewal (please email with your request).
    • Upon request, ITS will provide a Business Advanced DropBox account to the lead PI on federally funded research grants at no cost to the requestor.  The annual cost of $180 per year will be covered through centrally managed Indirect Grant Overhead funds (F & A) for all federally funded grants.
    • Note that DropBox differs from other data preservation methods listed below in that it is a file synchronizing and sharing service rather than a file storage service. While it does provide unlimited storage, you must also retain a copy of your files on your local computer and must have sufficient storage on your computer to hold all of your files. The amount of actual storage available in Dropbox is limited by the storage available on your computer.
    • Business Advanced Dropbox Features:
      • Data Retention—Files retained and accessible for e-discovery or contractual obligation
      • External sharing with non USD individuals
      • Live Document Editing—Ability for multiple people to collaborate and edit on the same document at the same time
      • Version Control—File versions and history are ONLY kept for 120 days
      • Administration and Management of Account: this is done by an ITS administrator
      • More details of features listed under the Advanced column 
      • Cost: $180 for unlimited storage per person per year.
  2. USD Enterprise storage (e.g. NetApp/EMC) offered at $500/year for the first 10 GB and $200 per year for each additional 100 GB up to 100 TB (please coordinate with ITS – Doug Burke, ITS Sr. Director of Network, Infrastructure, Systems and Services).
  3. USD Tape backup for long-term preservation purposes $3000 per TB per year (please coordinate with ITS - Doug Burke, ITS Sr. Director of Network, Infrastructure, Systems and Services).
  4. Amazon S3 (please coordinate with ITS – Doug Burke, ITS Sr. Director of Network, Infrastructure, Systems and Services).
    • Purpose: Standard Infrequent Storage
    • 10TB - ~$250.00/month (will vary)
    • NOTE: Amazon prices and parameters for storage volume will change on a monthly basis.
  5. Digital USD: The University of San Diego's institutional repository, Digital USD ( publishes, preserves, and provides open online access to the scholarship, creative work, original data sets, and archival material produced by or affiliated with the University of San Diego community. When data must be made openly accessible to the public in order to comply with grant funding, Digital USD is an appropriate platform. Please contact the Digital Initiatives Librarian at for more information.

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Graphic Design Production

Please submit the following for to request graphic design services.  Graphic design services can include poster design, slideshows, PowerPoint setup and scanning services.


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