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Mobile Devices (loaned for USD Business international travel)

The University has a limited number of cell phones that are loaned to staff and faculty for International travel. The phones offer international services from Verizon Wireless or AT&T Mobility for business purposes.

Available to

Staff Faculty


Cell phones have international plans that are activated cellular technologies in most countries around the world.


University of San Diego employees who have been authorized by the Department Dean/Administrator to have a loaner cell phone for business purposes while traveling internationally. Department budget code is needed for billing voice, data, and TXT messaging usage charges while traveling.

In order to program the device for travel pleasesend your request 10 days prior to your travel date; send your request to with the following information:

  • USD Business travel purpose
  • Start and end dates for travel
  • Countries to which you will be traveling

If the device is lost, stolen or damaged, or missing phone accessories, the department will be charged for device/accessories replacement cost.


How to use

International dialing and country codes may be obtained at the following web sites:
1. Verizon Wireless:

2. AT&T Mobility:


All support for USD loaner cell phones is coordinated through the University of San Diego Telecommunications office at 619-260-7500, or


Billing will be charged to departments. Billing rates will vary by country and cellular provider.

Getting started

The University of San Diego Telecommunications office (619-260-7500) can assist in reserving a loaner mobile device (cell phone/tablet) for international travel. It is absolutely essential that Telecommunications is contacted in advance, at least 10 days prior to your departure, in order to set up the device voice/data plan and email capabilities.