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Web Authentication (Single Sign-on)

This is the  authentication system that underlies login to web-based systems, which enables access to protected web pages and web applications. Secure web sites at USD require account holders to login with their MySanDiego ID and password. MySanDiego Central Authentication Service (CAS) as one method of providing account holders with secure access to web systems.

Available to

Student, Staff, Faculty (including departments and workgroups)


Provides users with secure access to web resources and systems as opposed to public web resources.


Requriements vary depending upon individual's role and position at the University. For example, Web Authentication for the USD Board of Trustees web site requires that one be a Board member.

Data security restrictions

May be used to protect prohibited, restricted, and confidential data, as defined by USD Information Technology Services.

How to use

When you encounter a secure web site or web form that requires web authentication, you will be prompted for your MySanDiego username and password


For more information about University Web Authentication, contact the Web Services team: or call the ITS Help Desk at (619) 260-7900.



Getting started

To learn how to restrict access to web-based resources, see Web Development Single Sign-on at: . To secure web resources within the MySanDiego portal, please contact the portal team at: or call the ITS Help Desk at (619) 260-7900.

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