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Computer Replacement Program (CRP)

The Computer Replacement Program is designed to ensure that faculty and staff have access to laptop or desktop workstations that support current applications in their work and study.  ITS supports replacement of one system per employee on a five-year cycle.

Please submit this form to request a new or replacement CRP computer

Available to

Staff Faculty


ITS offers a selection of 6 standard computers to choose from: The University currently contracts with Apple, Dell and HP for desktop and laptop computers. Additional features can be added to the base or standard systems (with departments covering those additional costs).


Staff and faculty must be benefits-based, tenured, or tenure-track in order to be eligible to receive a leased computer.

How to use

To find information on the program online as well as applications for computers:


Email for support or questions on ordering computers. Please contact the Help Desk for any technical questions or problems at or x7900.


All standard computer configurations available are purchased or leased by ITS. Any costs for upgrades to the standard configuration or extra peripherals must be covered by the department.

Getting started

Current employees will receive an email with instructions from ITS about when it is time to apply for a new computer (we are on a five-year rotation cycle). For new employees, it is best to speak with the area technician regarding a recommendation on which standard computer will be best for the position. It is best to do this at least 2-3 weeks before the new employee begins.

To submit a request for a new or replacement CRP computer, please submit this form.