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Qualtrics (Survey Tool)

Qualtrics is a powerful survey-building tool that is highly customizable and easy to use. With Qualtrics, you can design and distribute surveys, manage the responses, track the participants, and analyze the data, all in an easy-to-navigate web-based interface. The survey tool is available at Note that the process and procedures for using Qualtrics are controlled through the division administrator.

Available to

Student, Staff, Faculty Current faculty, students, and staff.


Qualtrics offers a huge array of features to build, distribute, and analyze survey results


Must have a MySanDiego username and password as well as the approval of a Division Administrator: to develop and deliver a Qualtrics survey.

Data security restrictions

May be used to store and transmit Restricted and Confidential Data

How to use

Training and tutorial information are available on and on


Account login problems are supported through the Help Desk. All other support for Qualtrics is provided by the vendor. When logged in to your Qualtrics account, you can use the Help and Tutorials link to access extensive online training materials. Email and phone contact information for individual support is also provided.


Free for Divisions that have contributed to the enterprise costs of Qualtrics (SOLES, SBA, Institutional Research, Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, ITS, CAS, and Law School). Fees are negotiated for use by groups in Divisions that did not contribute to the cost of the Qualtrics license.

Getting started

A quick start guide to Qualtrics is listed at:
In addition Qualtrics is controlled through various Division Administrators. To learn how to register for and use the Qualtrics survey tool, see Setting Up a Qualtrics Account at this link:

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